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  • Product Name Human APO-1 ELISA KIT
  • Brief Description ELISA Kit
  • Applications Solid Phase Sandwich ELISA
  • Species Reactivity Human
  • Specificity Natural and recombinant Human APO-1
  • Crossing Reactivity No significant interference observed with available related molecules.
  • Target Name Human APO-1
Application Details

Detect Range: 62.5-4000pg/ml
Sensitivity: 31pg/mL
Sample Type: Cell culture supernatant, serum, plasma (EDTA, citrate, heparin)
Sample Volume: 20 uL
Assay Time: 3 hours
Detection method: Colorimetric

  • Human APO-1 ELISA KIT - Absci

    Representative standard curve for APO-1/FAS ELISA. APO-1/FAS was diluted in serial two-fold steps in Sample Diluent.

Product Description
  • Aluminium pouches with a Microwell Plate coated with monoclonal antibody to human APO-1/FAS (8X12)
  • 2 vials human APO-1/FAS Standard lyophilized, 4000 pg/ml upon reconstitution
  • 2 vials concentrated Biotin-Conjugate anti-human APO-1/FAS monoclonal antibody
  • 2 vials Streptavidin-HRP solution
  • 1 bottle Standard /sample Diluent
  • 1 bottle Biotin-Conjugate antibody Diluent
  • 1 bottle Streptavidin-HRP Diluent
  • 1 bottle Wash Buffer Concentrate 20x (PBS with 1% Tween-20)
  • 1 vial Substrate Solution
  • 1 vial Stop Solution
  • 4 pieces Adhesive Films
  • package insert

Apoptosis inducing protein 1(Apo-1) also known as Fas (Fibroblast-associated), CD95, and TNFRSF6(325 amino acids, 45-48 kDa), was originally identified as a cell-surface protein that binds to monoclonal antibodies that are cytolytic for various human cell lines. Fas is expressed by a broad range of hematopoietic and non-hematopoietic cells including monocytes, neutrophils, activated lymphocytes and fibroblasts. Interaction of Apo on mature lymphocytes with its ligand (FasL) induces apoptosis and is thought to be important in peripheral tolerance. Fas-mediated death occurs much more rapidly than that triggered by TNFR1(Tumor necrosis factor receptor 1).

Fas (APO-1 or CD95) is a cell-surface receptor that transduces apoptotic signals from Fasligand (FasL) (1, 2). It is a glycoprotein with a mass estimated at 43 to 48 kDa (3, 4). Fas is a member of the Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Superfamily (TNFRSF), and it shares a cytoplasmic motif with TNF RI, referred to as the


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    Please let us know if you have published research using #EK0462 so that we can cite your reference.
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